“Alarm for Cobra 11 – The motorway police” in RTL

In the RTL-show “Alarm for Cobra 11 – The motorway police” is about the fictitious operations of the police Department of the highway patrol. In the main, Erdogan Atalay as Semir Gerkhan and Daniel Roesner as Paul Renner are seen to roll. You play two cops, the crimes and the offender transfer. In the process, they risk their own lives and to provide, among other things, exciting chases. In the case of the inserts, it is often to change the shot, spectacular Fights and explosions. Also amazing Stunt scenes for goosebumps in “Alarm for Cobra 11 – The motorway police”.

Not for nothing, Alarm for Cobra 11 is the most successful Action-Format in Germany. Since the first broadcast on 12. March 1996 thrilled “Alarm for Cobra 11” Fans with exciting cases and Action scenes. Worldwide you can track the exciting bets from the Cobra 11-Team Semir Gerkhan and Paul Renner in 120 countries. In Europe, the Action series is running, for example, in the Netherlands, France, Italy, Switzerland, Austria, Belgium, Poland, and Hungary. But also in Turkey and even in Mexico and China, the RTL will broadcast Format .

Actor Erdogan Atalay is determined already since the second episode of “Alarm for Cobra 11 – The motorway police”, as detective Semir Gerkhan. Next to him is Tom Beck identified as Ben Jäger, Johannes Brandrup as Frank Stolte, Mark Keller as André Fux, René Steinke as Tom Kranich, Christian Oliver as Jan Richter, Gedeon Burkhard as Chris Ritter and Vinzenz Kiefer as Alex Brandt. Since 2016 Daniel Roesner identified as Paul Renner on the side of Erdogan Atalay as Semir Gerkhan – in season 35, Daniel Roesner is leaving alias Paul Renner the series. Semirs daughter Dana, played by “Fack ju Göthe”-Star Gizem Emre, part of the 34. Season of the RTL-Action series. In addition, the main Katja Woywood roles as Polizeirätin Kim Krüger, Katrin Heß as to see police Commissioner Jenny thorn), Daniela Wutte as a Secretary Susanne king and Niels Robert Kurvin as KTU staff Hartmut friend (Niels Robert Kurvin) .

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