Alexandra Wenk

In her adolescent years, Alexandra Wenk has already scored a number of successes. Your ambition and your self-confidence will always bring you more.

Alexandra Wenk

  • Born 7. February 1995 , Munich / Germany
  • First Name Alexandra
  • Name Wenk
  • Years 25
  • Size 1.79 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarius

Not everyone knows that

Alexandra’s role model in terms of Sport, tennis player Steffi Graf is . "She has always played with a lot of heart blood and shown that it pays off when you bite", she raves about her Idol.

After the Olympic Games, Alexandra indulges in a time-out with her best friend in the United States. Las Vegas, San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York – the journey of the Girlfriends are dreaming since you are 15 years old, is already planned.

After her Abitur she began a study of economic psychology .

In July 2016, and Alexandra Wenk of the Bavarian sports award in the category of "Outstanding Young Athletes" awarded.

Once Alexandra Wenk and Marius Kusch were the dream couple of the German swimming sports, but in 2015 the two parted .

In spite of their attachment to their home in Munich, she moved to 2018 to the Berlin base, SG Neukölln. You yourself said, the structures in Munich had not more fit, she also wanted to try something New . "I would have forgiven me later, never, if I hadn’t tried it ."

How many athletes has also Alexandra before each Start of a special Ritual: "I listen to Good mood music. ‘Shake It Off’ by Taylor Swift is probably my most listened to song before the Start."

Biography of Alexandra Wenk

Initially, Alexandra Wenk to follow in the footsteps of her mother Gabriele Wenk-Baka, who won once as a swimmer for Romania, the EM-silver. Meanwhile, the Olympia has overtaken hope your mother, however, for a long time. At the age of 13 years, the Munich clinched their first championship. In the field of youth, you cracked more than 40 German records, a sponge with your success on the 4×100-Meter layers at the 2012 European Championships in Debrecen in Europe’s top – up to their surprising Olympic debut at the age of 17. London 2012, the swimmer was the youngest member of the German Team.

Unsuccessful Olympic debut in London in 2012

For Alexandra Wenk her Olympic debut in 2012, almost felt like a shock . "And then you see Bolt in the Mensa people like Usain, and you think to yourself ‘Weird. I’m standing next to Bolt, I eat the Same as the Bolt, I breathe the same air as Bolt’", she revealed in an Interview. But the medal loose Disaster of the German team in London was certainly not an easy start for the hopeful swimmer. Although she was not yet in the focus of the Public and the media, but to feel a certain pressure, you can make free.

So beautiful were "GALA Spa Awards in 2017"

Alexandra Wenk floats all of them

However, in the following years, sponge Alexandra Wenk of the failure of the EM can just follow them. 2013, 2015 and 2016, it was German champion (100-Meter butterfly, 50 and 100 meters butterfly and 4×100-Meter freestyle) and 2015 at the world Championships in Russia’s Kazan on a bronze medal in the discipline 4×100-m were Mixed relay features.

Wenk crack 35-year-old record

Another milestone in their swimming career, and certainly a personal Highlight, he managed to Alexandra Wenk in the German Championships in may 2016 in Berlin. With her German record in the 200 Meter medley, she broke the 35-year unbeaten record East German swimmer Ute Geweniger in 1981 and could hardly believe their luck . "When I saw the time, I thought: Huh? I don’t understand now ", the record holder said after the Race. And as if that were not enough: Only a couple of hours later, they broke their own, just record again, and increased again to a tenth. No wonder, then, that the self-confident Athlete for 2016, a lot has made . "If I’m at the Olympics, I will definitely start. Let’s see how far I can get. I have to depart Bock, right ." The Olympic success should be nothing to stand in the way to Rio!

Thrown off course

Shortly after the Olympic Games in Rio tormented Alexandra Wenk shoulder pain. So much so, that on the Participation in the world Championships 2017 abandon in Budapest had to. As a would not have passed already, made your later, the Knee Problems. And again, you had to cancel a championship, this time the EM 2018 in Glasgow. Since she could not participate because of the injury to the qualification, it has to be cancelled directly in the championship .

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