All that matters to Juliette Greco announced their farewell

Everything counts: Juliette Greco announced their farewell

11. November 2018 – 19:00

Juliette Greco passes its EEZ-the role of Birte Glang

Juliette Greco had brought in August 2018 to her second child, and "All that matters" in the baby adopted. Now, the actress has made the decision to leave the series completely. Your role Lena Öztürk persists however, you will be played from January 2019 of Birte Glang .

"’Kollegas’, I miss you animal!"

Juliette Greco has not made the decision to leave EEZ, easily. The reason is a beautiful, however, is: she wants to dedicate from now on your now family of four . "I’ve decided to make my family a gift: time. Unfortunately, this has a consequence, and that I must leave the EEZ with a heavy heart. But when I see what we have for a monkey magic, I am exactly right where I am."

Nevertheless, Juliette Greco, the parting is difficult – and understandably so: for Eleven years she was interrupted by a baby break – in EEZ in front of the camera. "’Kollegas’, I miss you animal! But now the four of us groove with my husband, Salvatore, and our two children, Luana and Felice and I – us for the first time to the new Situation and see to it that no one comes short of the ".

Juliette Greco wishes to your successor, Birte Glang, only the Best

Juliette Greco in happy memories of her time "All that matters" back: "For me it is, and remains, the biggest Highlight is that I went to the last day to work. This is not a matter of course, and that is exactly what makes me say goodbye so hard."

Its successor, Birte Glang suppressed, Greco, Juliette, for the entry in EEZ fingers crossed: "I wish Birte Glang a great Start with a great Team, I’m celebrating in my thoughts still. I’m sure you will have a good ."

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