André Rieu

Violinist André Rieu has invented the classic Concerto, and celebrating incredible success with his concept

André Rieu

  • Born 1. October 1949 , Maastricht, The Netherlands
  • First Name André Léon Marie Nicolas
  • Name Rieu
  • Years 70
  • Size 1.84 m
  • Zodiac Libra
  • Partner Marjorie Rieu (married since 1975)
  • Children Marc (*1978) ; Pierre (B. 1981)

Not everyone knows that

In his parents ‘ home André Rieu exclusively with classical music. His wife, Marjorie, showed him that there is still other music. Today, André Rieu is no longer limited to Beethoven, Bach and Mozart, but also to Bruce Springsteen, ABBA and Michael Jackson.

André Rieu loves technology and is crazy about his iPhone. Skype and Facetime help him stay with his family, if he is long on Tour .

About the secret of his marriage Rieu reveals: "Love, of course, in the first place, but also respect, trust and most important: a sense of Humor. And we are both jealous".

The star violinist with power sports and a Personal Trainer to fit. In addition, he takes you on a Tour of three cooks, him and the whole Team with healthy meals provide.

Biography of André Rieu

The Dutch Violinist André Rieu has sold in his record-breaking career so far, more than 40 million records and plays a sold-out concert after the other. That he would be so successful, you certainly could suspect no one, however, that he must be a musician, was on Hand. Because André Rieu comes from a musical family – his father, André Rieu Sr., was chief conductor of the Limburg Symphony orchestra, and began at the tender age of five with violin lessons.

"My life is music"

Of course the Boy was hard-working and talented, and later studied with André Rieu on the Conservatories of liège and Maastricht and in the case of the Hungarian Violinist André Gertler in Brussels. Even then, the musicians knew: "My life is music. She is my constant companion, with me is never boring".

His sister is pop singer

André Rieu and his reinvention of the classic music

However, the classical concerts, he knew, did not like him. Not because he didn’t like the music, André Rieu, the atmosphere was stiff, the music should be fun and not so serious and contrived, therefore, to come.

With the desire to enrich classical concerts with joy and enthusiasm, played by André Rieu during his violin studies in a salon orchestra, his first waltz, "namely, ‘Gold and silver’ by Franz Léhàr. What a revelation! The waltz moved me so much in its spell that it was several years later that, in a sense, my life’s rhythm: a musical life in three-quarter time."

With his approach to make the classical music to the masses and to inspire more people for this music, managed to André Rieu and the. "We have at our concerts is always a lot of fun: the orchestra, myself and the audience. Swaying, humming along, clapping, jumping – anything goes! Each evening is an experience in itself. Anything Better can’t imagine a musician !" The Tickets for his tours are selling for years, such as sliced bread.

How André Rieu took over financially

However, in 2009, André Rieu has had to cope with a major setback. His company was heavily in debt because of the star violinist, wanted to realize his dream . "I wanted to play against the backdrop of Schönbrunn Palace, across the world. So I let it rebuild, in the original size, with real fountains, horse-drawn carriages, ballet, debutantes. So we played in the stadiums. It was absolutely fantastic, but unfortunately too expensive." However, the Bust did not last long. Because the Tickets sold so well, and the sales increased, was free to the company after one year debt.

The great love of André and Marjorie

However, this time was for André Rieu no walk in the Park. Love and support he got from his wife, Marjorie, he is since 1975 happily married . "Marjorie was fantastic. Without you I couldn’t have done it all. Without you I would be anyway in the gutter ", the star violinist talks about the love of his life.

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