Annette Frier

The comedienne and actress, Annette Frier has mastered her acting skills, whether funny or serious, with ease

Annette Frier

  • Born 22. January, 1974 , Cologne, Germany
  • First Name Annette
  • Name Wish
  • Years 46
  • Size 1.66 m
  • Zodiac Sign Aquarius
  • Partner John wishes (married since 2002)
  • Children Of Bruno (*2008) ; Josephine (*2008)

Not everyone knows that

Her younger sister, Caroline Frier also works as an actress.

In 2008, Annette Frier gave in the Cologne Theater in the construction tower with a staging of the novel "On A Slope" her directorial debut.

A family affair: Annie’s older sister, Sabine, is your Manager.

Biography of Annette Frier

The actress and comedian Annette Frier pursued their way into the top ranks of the German entertainment industry, straight and purposeful. After her graduation, the daughter of a teacher and a lawyer, studied three years of classical acting at the drama school of the basement, and sealed Engagements at various theatres.

Career Plan

It all went according to Plan. The breakthrough on the focusing screen, Annette Frier succeeded in 1997, when the role of the Vivi Andras check in the RTL-series "Behind Bars – The Women’s Prison" took over. After that, Annette Frier moved to the comic subject, and was first in the Comedy Show "Switch" to see before you as a Co-host in the popular "Week show" on Sat.1 your audience enthusiastic.

Princess Diana (†) in the course of time

Annette Frier, the Convertible

In the coming years, Annette Frier secured a firm place in the German television. The native cologner shines with funny performances, such as, for example, in the "Schiller street", in "Pastewska" or, in her signature role of the "Danni Lowinski", but it can also serve the more serious tones with ease. In several movies, Annette Frier has proven that you roll Fate with flying colors masters. In 2018, for example, you took in the ZDF series "Ella Is Beautiful" the eponymous main role of an insurance company employee who suffers from Asperger’s syndrome .

And also on the big screen, the mother of twins makes a good figure. Especially the eyes of children in the brought Annette Frier with your presentation of the store owner, Mrs. Waas Classic "Jim button and Luke the engine driver" to Shine – to be continued.

Annette Frier private

In spite of the achievements in cinema and television, Annette Frier is with enthusiasm on the stage – if it allows for her tight schedule. After all, the actress must also be your Twins Bruno and Josephine, born in 2008, to take care of. The father of the two children is the Screenwriter and Director John wishes, with the freeze since 2002 and is married .

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