Arnold Schwarzenegger

Also when Arnold Schwarzenegger was for years a main occupation of California in the policy: For most, he remains the eternal action hero.

Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • Born 30. July 1947 , Thal, Styria / Austria
  • First Name Arnold Alois
  • Name Schwarzenegger
  • Seventy two
  • Size 1.88 m
  • The Zodiac Sign Of Leo
  • Partner Maria Shriver (divorced) ; Heather Milligan (current) ; Brigitte Nielsen (1984-1985) ; Sue Moray (1977-1978) ; Barbara Baker (1969-1974)
  • Children-Katherine Eunice (*1989) ; Christina Maria Aurelia (*1991) ; Patrick (*1993) ; Joseph (*1997) ; Christopher Sargent (*1997 )

Not everyone knows that

In the course of his career, the Austrians reaped numerous awards: in 2015, he was awarded e.g. with the Golden camera for his life’s work, and in the WWE Hall of Fame.

Sometimes he can’t believe his own success: "As a child, I had always the dream, to America, to become rich and famous. I saw John Wayne and Kirk Douglas on the canvas and always wanted to be one of them. But even in the wildest Dreams I never imagined that I would come so far !"

So far, he would not have been nearly even. Although his impressive appearance from the beginning is a good Ticket in the direction of movie star. With his hard accent à la the upper Austrian mountain farmers were not able to befriend the Americans initially, but he was re-dubbed. Today, his way of speaking cult.

Who can grab hard, I don’t think the not necessarily. But Arnold is a good head, has a University degree in business administration from the University of Wisconsin and got even awarded honorary doctorate.

Since July 2008, the cell phone is in California, ban the tax. Released in October 2009 "TMZ" two pictures of Arnies former wife, Maria Shriver behind the wheel with a cell phone at the ear. Arnie thanked by Twitter "TMZ"-Founder Harvey Levin, and announced "rapid steps" to. Smelled like a good dressing down.

"I always wanted to perfection and Proportion. At 15, I took off my clothes and looked in the mirror. And as I my body was staring at I noticed that my arms are 50 cm would have to have scope, in order to fit in with the Rest of my body ."

Where did Arnold actually, this irrepressible desire to become the strongest man in the world? Maybe the late defence, in response to his brutal father, because of the raised Arnold and his older brother was Meinhard extremely strict: "Strikes were on the agenda. Today we would refer to it as child abuse ." Until his early death in radio silence between Arnold and his producers.

115 pounds brought Arnold to his best times on the scale. Although this is not necessarily everyone’s ideal weight is as is the case with him, but mainly to steel-hard muscle mass, you can turn a blind a eye. That he had helped in the past with anabolic steroids, he confessed in some Interviews.

Today, he swears, however, prefer to use the good old weight training and muscles and their own: "I do it every Morning cardio training – Stairmaster, treadmill, and the 30 to 45 minutes long. No matter, whether at home or in a Hotel. And weight three lift – up to four times a week."

As in the case of Arnold, a heart valve defect was found, he underwent the mid-90s, a complicated, but fortunately successful surgery.

Biography of Arnold Schwarzenegger

From actor to politician and back to the Hollywood star: This man is a myth. Even if Arnold Schwarzenegger during his term in office, against all the criticism, a successful conservative politician in California has proven: In the heart he is still the Terminator. To disturb the does not seem to him, after all he is since the end of his term as Governor, again as an actor on the go.

From the Steiermark to Hollywood

The meteoric rise of the native Austrian he is above all thanks to the Vision, the grabbed Small-Arnie at the early age of 13 years. And let his parents Gustav and Aurelia in disbelief with a shake of the head. What had given her most Recent because of ? "I want to be the best built man in the world !" Delicate was not only age, but also the physique of the little Arnies. But because his will was always at least as impregnable as the famous fighting robot, the Arnie in the course of his actor life so far, a total of four Times embodied, he built it in the basement, a weight bench and the weight was finally at 20 years and 102 pounds empty to youngest Mister universe at all. A total of five Times, he won the title. With 21 years of age, wandered to the "Styrian oak" in the United States – after all, it was to live an American dream in XXL .

Hollywood loves him

His imposing appearance helped him in America the breakthrough. Initially, he was "Hercules in New York" (1969) and was now a candidate, if you needed it in Hollywood, a hard-hitting hero. And as the force bolt zupackte: real estate, books about Bodybuilding, and his film, he was rolling to a millionaire, married the love of his life, the Kennedy Niece Maria Shriver and with roles such as Conan the barbarian and the Terminator is a cult figure.

From the Terminator to the Governator .

However, this success was not enough for the multi-talent: His new home, he wanted to make his own mark, and with about 48 percent of the vote in October 2003, the Governor of the U.S. state of California. Almost eight years until January 2011, was held by Arnie this office – believed the in Hollywood, probably no one would have him. That a conservative Ex-actor mixed in politics, not liked of course: "Governator" they called him at first as a joke, a play on the word of Governor and Terminator. Especially his endorsement of the death penalty brought him worldwide criticism. Not for nothing that the former was "Arnold Schwarzenegger"-The football stadium in Graz in "UPC"-Arena renamed. And Arnold himself? A man of such attacks, such as the Grossglockner, an ice storm, and said after his re-election in November 2006, with shining eyes: "I love to make more dividers. But this is without a doubt my favorite sequel."

. and back to the Terminator

After the end of his term of office waste Arnie wasted no time, immediately rushed back into his film career, and established in 2012 "The Expendables 2" seamlessly where he left off nine years previously, had As meanwhile age action hero of the Ex-Governator clearly feels comfortable, and since it’s also no surprise to anyone that he slipped back into his signature role, and for "Terminator Genisys" (2015) was again to fight the robot. Private delivery, however, less good for Arnold Schwarzenegger: In 2011, his marriage to Maria Shriver, with whom he has two daughters and two sons, broke up. It came out that he had years ago an affair with the own housekeeper and a child with her. Maria Shriver filed for the divorce. Get Arnold Schwarzenegger is not settled yet and found at the end of 2012 with 27 years younger physical therapist Heather Milligan again to love happiness.

"Terminator"-Star Arnold Schwarzenegger then and now

Sparring with Donald Trump

It’s all more than for Arnold Schwarzenegger. And not only the brilliant Comeback on the big screen, he succeeded in playing in the TV, he reached quotas dream. As Donald Trump had taken his presidential candidacy, followed Schwarzenegger to him as a Presenter of the Reality TV Show "The Celebrity Apprentice". However, according to the TV-Season 2016/2017-circuit, Arnold Schwarzenegger was already stated that he would be a second season available. Why? On Twitter, he expressed the reasons of his retreat: "I loved every second I’ve worked with NBC and (the producers) Mark Burnett. Everyone – from the Stars to the Team and the marketing Department deserves a perfect score of 10. I would work with all of you again at a Show that is not biased so ". The bat is a very clear side in the direction of Donald Trump and the returned short-hand as well via Twitter: "Arnold Schwarzenegger has not left ‘The Apprentice’ voluntarily, he was not fired because of his poor odds, of me. Sad end to a great Show". The Beef of the two men who actually have a lot in common, made huge waves on the Internet. But for Arnie in the exchange of blows was worth on Twitter – after all, in Hollywood, with critical Comments towards Trump, only more friends.

The most important films of Arnold Schwarzenegger

  • 2018: The Expendables 4
  • 2017: Viy 2: Journey to China
  • 2017: Why We’re Killing Gunther
  • 2017: 478: Aftermath
  • 2015: Terminator Genisys
  • 2014: The Expendables 3
  • 2012: The Expendables 2
  • 2003: Terminator 3 – rise of the machines
  • 2002: Collateral Damage – the time of retribution
  • 1999: End of Days
  • 1996: a promise is a Promise
  • 1996: Eraser
  • 1994: Junior
  • 1994: True Lies – True Lies
  • 1993: Last Action Hero
  • 1991: Terminator 2 – day of reckoning
  • 1990: Kindergarten Cop
  • In 1990, The total memory – Total Recall
  • 1988: Twins – Twins
  • 1984: the Terminator
  • 1984: Conan the destroyer
  • 1982: Conan the barbarian

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