Autotest: Seat Leon Sharp Design instead of good optics

The Spanish brother of the VW Golf

Autotest: Seat Leon Sharp Design instead of good optics

22. May 2020 – 11:24 PM

Sharper than it is VW allowed?

If you like sports car that will come in the Form of a GTI Golf. But even the not prevented, that is, with a very pleasing appearance on the road. If you like it be a bit sharper, for the Seat Leon brings the necessary spice. RTL has tested the fiery Spaniard .

With corners and edges

Alone if you stand in front of the Spanish brother of the Golf, it is as if one were to compare potatoes and curd with a spicy Paella. While the Original German has hardly edges in the sheet metal, the Spaniards, as a Samurai would have carved him with his Exercises with the Katana .

To give a tightly coordinated engineering with the possibility of Gas

However, not everything is here to berappe the sum of 24,800 Euro long paid for. But what it takes for the sporty ride, is there in any case: 17 inch wheels, exterior mirrors in Cosmo grey, Full LED lighting Front and rear, a digital Cockpit, Keyless access, start button and four driving profiles. The gravity of the Spaniard is tuned anyway, so that the rapid Cornering in conjunction with a precise steering ends are set no limits. It is, however, limited the rule to interfere with systems helping .

For the sporty Ride, the right Propellant. The give it for the above price, unfortunately, is not. Anyone who wants to extract from the leather without thinking to the next Power-running a Cupra Leon with over 300 HP, the lands maybe 1,5 eTSI 150 HP for 29.050 Euro. Moment says the knower of the engine but also for 26.570 Euro. Yes and no, because that makes all the difference. Here it is, in fact, a mild hybrid. That is, to the 1.5-Liter gasoline engine is a 48-Volt belt-driven starter generator and a 48-Volt Lithium-ion battery coupled.

The System makes it possible to sail during the travel with the engine switched off to save Fuel, the other is supported, who ironed out the Pin properly into the sheet, the belt-driven starter generator with a neat Boost. What do you mean, in the end, nothing else than that the 100-km/h mark falls in 8.4 seconds, and the propulsion ends at 221 km/h. In the RTL Test, the Spaniard brought it all the way to 230 km/h. But: not later than 180 km/h, the adaptive trace should be disabled stop assistant. Too bad the electronic helper is jerky here on the steering Wheel. What may scare only the driver but also the following traffic .

Stylish Cockpit and tidy interior

To set the helper here, to the point you will have to dig deep furch the menus of the digital screens. A simple button, like it used to, you look on the new Leon will be in vain. Otherwise, this super-stylish, fully digitized Cockpit, it makes the fun riders is not easy. Because, like the wizard, the driving modes are on the damper, the steering Wheel and Gaskennlinie adjust on the 10-inch Display controlled. Sure, you can create chic tiles behind stretch the individual commands to hide, but a kind of duration is felt to wipe connected.

Now you can Complain about it all or looking for the benefits of the analog reduction. The Leon pleased by his clean the Interior and the resulting space. There’s only one gear selection-Gnubbel, provides steps by means of an electric impulse, i.e., Shift-by-Wire, for switching, for example. An inductive load compartment there are also two USB connectors of type C. A real profit is the coupling of mobile phones with the multimedia system via Bluetooth. Exactly where it is needed, otherwise the USB connection, you can now reflect more or less through the air Android Auto or Apple Car Play on the Monitor .

This Option replaces the vehicle’s on-Board Navi. Although this has its advantages. It is, in fact, "intelligent". Know when the next curve comes, binds straightening speeds ahead, or reduces the speed before curves and towns. Of course, only as long as the route request is stored. Unfortunately, the flow of information regarding some of the construction sites does not seem to work. On several occasions the System during the test rides did not want to accept that the roads were blocked .

The total package convinced

Otherwise, you can’t complain about the overall package. Anyone who wants to, can with the call "Hola" the multimedia system to communicate, move, or simply only in the Fullness of the wizard please. Here it is relaxed, thanks to the distance radar cruise control, Collision warning and lane keep assist, on request, and semi-Autonomous on-the-go. And because of this, particularly on longer routes of advantage, let’s take a look in the trunk. The five-door model offers 380 litres of storage space. However, the Luggage compartment is dig deep like the Mariana, which means that with a bit of skill and more load is taken up, as, at first glance, seems possible.

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