Beatrice Egli her Outfit combines a lot of styles, maybe even too many?

Beatrice Egli: her Outfit combines a lot of styles – maybe even too many?

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  • 31.05.2020

All the latest News on Beatrice Egli: In this Outfit, there is much to see +++ On Instagram, she shows of her Wow dress +++ So she conjures up a narrow waist +++ Beatrice Egli: in a Good mood with bright color Blocking +++ Beatrice Egli: she carries the loved one in the home office.

All the News and information to Beatrie Egli

  • Beatrice Marguerite Egli is a Swiss Singer and presenter
  • She is the winner of the tenth season of the RTL-casting show "Germany searches for the Superstar"
  • In March 2018, the Album was "Feel-good guarantee" published
  • In February 2020, the artist announced their "At-me-home-Tour-2020" to that must be moved through the corona of a crisis first

31. May 2020

Beatrice Egli is committed to Look at the pattern and mix of styles

Beatrice Egli is for your color Outfits known happy. Just yesterday, she revealed on Instagram her colorful Show-Outfit for "SchlagerXirkus". Now you post today in a Look, at the we must to several to look. Because Beatrice is not only a mix of materials and combines denim, leather and Organza to each other, but also many different patterns. So she sets both on a floral Print as well as dots in the tights. Your Fans will find it and send hearts or kisses-Emojis under your Posting.

A post shared by Beatrice Egli (@beatrice_egli_offiziell) on May 31, 2020 at 4:05am PDT

30. May 2020

Beatrice Egli is shown in a very special dress

The TV Show "SchlagerXirkus", in the Beatrice Egli yesterday evening, 29. May, in the MDR and a show had, it showed the singer in a very special dress: high Fans, but also the spectators closed in, and with an eye-catching Print, you not enchanted only your Instagram -. The highlight of the dress: The pattern is reminiscent of small colour bombs, which burst on the fabric and this is a very special, individual arrangement. Pink High-Heels complete the Look. But while the Show turned out to be just the case as a stumbling.

A post shared by Beatrice Egli (@beatrice_egli_offiziell) on May 29, 2020 at 10:35am PDT

29. May 2020

Beatrice Egli: With this Trick you can conjure up a narrow waist

Beatrice Egli at the look forward "SchlagerXirkus", the new Show of Florian silver iron, to be, as she told her Fans via Instagram. The singer posts a picture of you wearing a summer dress in one of your favorite colors. The red dress with orange floral pattern Beatrice accented with a wide silver belt with a large buckle. The Statement belt is not with your Outfit only a stylish Highlight, but also provides for an insanely small waist.

A post shared by Beatrice Egli (@beatrice_egli_offiziell) on May 28, 2020 at 1:54am PDT

28. May 2020

Beatrice Egli: in a Good mood with bright color Blocking

If Beatrice Egli likes one of them, then colors. With their colorful Outfits inspires you regularly, your Instagram Followers. Even now she shows, once again, colourful. It attracts, however, not simply a pair of Jeans with a colorful top, but tried something New: Colour-Blocking! The Swiss carries your trip a neon yellow quilted jacket and combined a bright pink pair of pants. The bright colors contrast wonderfully with each other and the beam at the end face of the pop singer proves once again, that colorful colors, apparently in a good mood .

A post shared by Beatrice Egli (@beatrice_egli_offiziell) on May 26, 2020 at 11:11pm PDT

27. May 2020

Beatrice Egli: she carries the loved one in the home office

Beatrice Egli is for your cheerful colorful clothes and her extravagant stage Outfits, is known. Now the singer has granted her Fans a glimpse into her home office after she was last week after a long (Corona)and time again in the Studio . "After a few great days with ‘real’ dates, I am now sitting back home in my Home/garden office", writes the Swiss. It shows very private, and makes it into a trendy Dungarees made of light blue Denim with the Laptop in your garden comfortably. Including a violet peeking coloured bra straps to color the beautiful blonde can not simply do without it .

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