“Best sisters” in RTL

The focus of the RTL-Sitcom "Best Sisters" the chaotic together of the two Gumpert-sisters Eva and Toni life. On their way, both absolute power are women, but in character they differ fundamentally. While Eva, their daughter, Marie, on your own attracts, as a veterinary nurse and works in a reasonable and down-to-earth is, Toni is a carefree party life of a part time job to the next struggle.

In the second season Toni your sister wants to prove that her relationship with Daniel is just fantastic Sex. The in-depth interview, Toni noted, however, is more difficult than I thought. Eva, however, Zoff in Zoo: After the new veterinarian, Dr. Kratzke and the appearance as a "Polar bear Princess" stroking, she wants to return the favor – fall in their own trap.

"Best Sisters" in RTL in the German Sitcom classics such as "Rita’s World" and "Nikola". The series offers a lot of charm, saucy wit, and also some emotional Moment. In addition, it shows three generations of nonconformist women, especially the two Gumpert sisters could hardly hold the opposite is to be in cases of hardship, but together. Because blood is thicker than water.

The main roles "Best Sisters" play four times "Comedy award"-Winner Mirja Boes (Eva Gumpert) and "Groupies not stay for Breakfast"-Actress Sina Tkotsch (Toni Gumpert). In other roles, Laurena Marisol Lehrich (see, as a daughter, Marie), Leslie Malton (mother Gabriele), Patrick quickly, I (Eva’s colleague, Daniel) and Oliver butcher (neighbor Kurt) to. Newly in season two, Martin Gruber works as a veterinarian, Dr. Andrew Kratzke.

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