Brad Pitt

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Brad Pitt is not only a really cool dog, he had also founded with probably the most amazing woman in Hollywood a big family. The envious are guaranteed and malice, as all went into the breaks .

Brad Pitt, Actor + Producer (B. 1963)

Brad Pitt

  • Born 18. December 1963 , Shawnee, Oklahoma, USA
  • First Name William Bradley
  • Name Pitt
  • Years 56
  • Size 1.8 m
  • Zodiac Sagittarius
  • Partner Angelina Jolie ( divorced) ; Jennifer Aniston (divorced) ; Gwyneth Paltrow (1996-1997) ; Demi Moore (1998) ; Claire Forlani (1998) ; Thandie Newton (1994-1995) ; Jitka Pohlodek (1993) ; Julia Ormond (1993) ; Juliette Lewis (1989-1993) ; Elizabeth Daily (1989) ; Jill Schoelen (1989) ; Christina Applegate (1988-1989) ; Shalane McCall (1987)
  • Children Maddox (*2001) ; Pax Thien (*2003) ; Zahara (*2005) ; Shiloh (*2006) ; Knox Leon (*2008) ; Vivienne Marcheline (*2008)

Not everyone knows that

In 2012, Brad was the first man who campaigned for the iconic perfume Chanel No. 5 .

Brad was already a two-Time "People"-Magazine "You Are The Sexiest Alive" selected, once in 1995 and again five years later. Next to him, only George Clooney and Johnny Depp received this award two Times.

A particularly vehement admirer of The 19-year-old Athena Rolando was invaded several years ago by an open window in the Pitts estate, had put on his clothes and was left over for ten hours, before the alarm went off. Since then, her forbids a court order, to approach him more than 100 meters .

The children determine the television program: Brad Pitt revealed that he can’t watch action movies anymore, as there are to see at home, only children’s movies .

In the case of the shooting "Troy" tore his Achilles tendon. Irony of fate: The Greek semi-God who is at the exact spot vulnerable, embodied Brad in the movie. For the consolation of the Director compared to its main cast with the ancient titans: "Achilles was a rock star of his time, so it is logical that it filled him with Brad Pitt ."

The rings for his Marriage with Jennifer Aniston was designed by Pitt himself, and the Italian luxury jeweler Damiani in the order given. However, with a contractual assurance that the exclusive models made of white gold and gems not in the series should go. The goldsmith did not, only a court case could stop the sale .

Several times, Brad was already in the mask, artificial Tattoos painting. Real tattoos he has but also. A Sanskrit protection prayer, which looks like two dark stripes, adorns his lower back. To protect his adopted children. As a counterpart to the black pillars had Angelina Jolie on her shoulder stinging.

Brad graduated private a tight fitness program, passionately plays Tennis, climbs or rides a road bike. His flaws, he knows for sure is: "I have a lot of scars. My knee is like a Pizza. The scars are from my last accident, when I’m in the Oscar-night through the desert ."

Hard to believe: Even Brad Pitt is always pleased with himself: "It is not long, because I could not endure my face on the screen ."

The shadow side of fame, the Hollywood star is, unfortunately, often feel. "How my week looks like? Five out of seven days I got at least three Paparazzi cars with me, I shake it off must!", he complained once.

As for his hair, the actor is quite keen to experiment: surf blonde to shoulder-length, dark and rasp in short, Iro, highlights or completely hairless – everything in color and length, he has tried.

If Papa Brad is with the Kids to the bowling, then he is not a pity also for the daring Stunts: When he was trying to save a bowling alley stopped the ball, he slipped and landed like a beetle on its back. For the children it was the most fun, and Brad didn’t hurt himself luckily .

Great sight: Brad Pitt won the 2010 Webby Award (the Internet Oscar) for the network of his Foundation ‘Make It Right’, which collects donations for its relief projects in New Orleans and managed appearance. In the same year, a great personal Homepage award: comedian Jim Carrey.

If Brad has something in his head, he knows no Mercy. So also in the case of the film adaptation of "To win the art – Moneyball" Although there were numerous difficulties in the implementation of the strip, kept Pitt on the project . "There were some tough days", he says . "But I was obsessed with the project, because it is a story about justice."

Allegedly, Brad plans together with business partners in the construction of a hyper-ecological Luxury resort in Croatia. All the same, With travel and architecture, Mr. Pitt knows well .

Because of its role in "Seven years in Tibet" was Brad denied entry to China .

Biography of Brad Pitt

Sometimes Brad Pitt has a really big mouth: "I’m one of the people you hate for your genes ." A nice guy like he says something, of course only with a wink. But let’s be honest: With the mid-50, he is still so attractive that even heartthrob George Clooney complains: "I’m only two years older than Pitt. And I look a lot older !" One of his best buddy, he is still.

And, in spite of its stamp as a heartthrob to the many women’s hearts, fly to him, still have him, long plenty of little interest: Until the fall of 2016 Hollywood beauty Angelina Jolie lived after all, at his side. After the separation, he avoids it, to declare publicly a new life partner .

Brad Pitt sexy as ever

This sight makes women weak

From pretty boy to character actor

At a young age Brad calendar model, and studied with quite serious intentions in journalism was before he as irresistible hitchhiker Geena Davis in "Thelma + Louise" first seduced, and then robbed. He was originally for the role, only the third choice. The irresistible rascal, he is on the canvas. Even better, however, serial killer, paranoid cops, and aggressive whipping boys, with scraggly raggedy Andy Beard and greasy hair, or ramponiertem Teeth. Because if Brad Pitt, one by one all the Rebellion has done, then, against his Image as a pretty boy.

Therefore, the romantic Schmachter are like "Legends of the fall" today taboo for him. Much rather, he shows his edgy side, turning the strips as Quentin Tarantino’s "Inglourious Basterds" or the war movie "Heart of steel" and meanwhile behind the camera, his hands in the game. With his company Plan B, he operates successfully as a producer, he was heavily influenced "12 Years a Slave" was awarded in 2014, even with the Oscar for best Film. One of the five prize winners: Brad Pitt.

As an actor, he can call so far, unfortunately, no Golden boy as his Own, although he was already nominated three Times. He proves, however, continue to be such a happy knack in the selection of his films, it would be only a matter of time until he also received this honor.

Good looks is not everything

Earlier Brad left never to be outrageously good looks. As a Student, he was an unusual part-time jobs, among other things, he distributed in the disguise of a Riesenhuhns brochures in front of a fast food Restaurant. Or drove a group of Striptease dancers by Limousine to their performances. Has helped him with his appearance at the beginning of the career is undoubtedly. With 325 dollars in his pocket, Pittler drove, as he was called at College, in his car "Runaway Sue" spontaneously to Los Angeles. And ended up right in "Dallas". Although he needed a good ten years, until he came out quite large, but then the fame came way bucket. Risen to the head that is not him so far .

Sexiest Daddy Alive

Father of a family on the side of Angelina Jolie

Certainly his family is helping him to stay on the ground. After a first marriage with Jennifer Aniston, the Hollywood star was married to his colleague, Angelina Jolie and moved on with her one true family. The two have three biological children – daughter Shiloh and twins Knox and Vivienne, in addition to the adopted children Maddox, Zahara and Pax belong to the family. Had met Brad Angelina Jolie on the Set of "Mr. & Mrs. Smith", when he was actually still married to Jen. It sparked not only in the Film between the two: Brad was separated from Jen and since 2005 was happy with Angie.

After nine years of relationship and infinite attempts of the press to present the two are already secretly married, he gave Angelina Jolie the 23. August 2014 in your castle in France, the Yes-word. The children in the ceremony and painted the dress and the Party was certainly different than anything that had painted some of Hollywood’s Elite out.

The tragic marriage of Brangelina

But then the unexpected separation, then divorce after only two years of marriage in the first place. 20. September 2016 declared the US media, the marriage of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie for failed. Jolie has filed the divorce papers and full custody of the children demanded. Brad Pitt remained only supervised visits – there are rumors to freak out and alcohol in the room, which he removes with the help of the lawyers stood up again. The process of the custody battle dragged on, and was only solved 2019 final. Since then, the less we hear of Statements by attorneys, and more from film-making to the parents.

New Movie’s Success

Brad Pitt was the Globe in 2020 anyway, about a Golden and a SAG Award as best supporting actor in a Tarantino Film "Once Upon A Time. in Hollywood" features – even an Oscar nomination was there. And much-discussed congratulations from Ex Jennifer Aniston. At the ceremony, it was finally over: Brad was allowed to keep his first Oscar as best supporting actor in the hands! His thank-you speech, he not only dedicated to Quentin Tarantino, and colleague of Leonardo DiCaprio, but especially to his children: "This is for my children make everything I do beautiful. I love you."

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