Danni Buchner, “Faneteria”burst opening due to Corona

Danni Büchner: "Faneteria"-The opening burst because of Corona

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  • 24.03.2020

Danni Buchner has it hard, like many others, due to the corona crisis just. Your "Faneteria" can’t open as planned .

After the difficult time last year, waiting for Danni Buchner, 42, is currently the next crisis.

Danni Büchner wants to "Faneteria" re-open

Actually, the TV did not want to give up-emigrant after the death of her husband Jens Büchner, †49, and professionally re-start. Finally, Danni has to feed five children and has to earn, in spite of their lucrative participation in the jungle camp still money .

Should be able to do the next summer season in your cafe "Faneteria" in Majorca’s Cala Millor, which she opened back in the day with Jens. However, the corona crisis makes Danni a dash through the bill.

So the Stars spend their time in quarantine

"It’s about livelihoods, it’s about our future"

Actually, it should go at the beginning of April, together with their business partners Marco and Tamara los, as Danni in the special edition "Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants" last Monday (23. March) tells. Not only the future of the 42-Year-old and her five children depends on a good season, also the livelihoods of many employees are in your hands: "We live here by the tourists, we live by the season. It’s about livelihoods, it is also about our future", Danni explains a little desperate.

However, at the moment are also closed on Mallorca, the Restaurants and Hotels and there is a curfew. An opening at the beginning of April is already off the table.

The Café operator is confident, however, what the opening of the "Faneteria" at least a month later relates: "I’m good things. I think that the 2. May is perfect. The are eight weeks. I think that then things will be different ." If Danni is not so optimistic .

"We will not starve to death"

But not only is the Reality TV actress, and also the children do not know how to do it more. The kindergartens and schools are first closed. Means, the twins Diego and Jenna, three, are under-utilised and dance around mom on the nose, the Teens Jada, 15, and Volkan, 17, need to learn at home and, although the graduation is imminent, and the adult “Ego”, 20, fears for the start of a new job in a Hotel.

But after all, the büchner’s are healthy and have created a few supplies at home . "We will not starve to death", kids Danni. The fact that the season could fall due to Corona, perhaps, quite into the water, don’t want to think at all .

Sources Used: VOX "Goodbye Germany! The Emigrants"

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