German film prize in The race the Lola’s is opened

German film prize: the race is on to Lola’s is opened

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  • 19.03.2010

The nominations for the award of the 60. German film prize have been bekanntgegben

Just (19. March) have Berben producer Benjamin Herrmann, Bernd Neumann, Minister of state for culture, the German film Academy President, Iris and Bruno Ganz, as well as the Board of the film Academy, Thomas Kufus, the nominations for the award of the 60. German film award announced. With 13 proposals goes "The white Band" as a favorite in the race for one of the coveted Lola’s.

"German TV Award 2009"

The German TV prize on 23. April, awarded in Berlin, at the Friedrichstadt Palace, the by Barbara Schöneberger will moderate the event which will be broadcast on the same evening from 21.45 clock in the ARD .

A list of all the nominations we have selected on the next page .

Best Feature Film
– All other
– The Stranger
– Soul Kitchen
– Storm
– The white Band
– Desert flower

Best Documentary
– The woman with the five elephants
– The heart of Jenin

Best children and youth film
– Lippel’s Dream
– Crocodiles

Best actress in a leading role
– Corinna Harfouch This is Love
– Sibel Kekilli for The Strangers
– Susanne Lothar for The white ribbon
– Birgit Minichmayr for All other

Best actor in a leading role
– Fabian Hinrichs for gravity
– Henry Hübchen for Whisky with vodka
– Castle HART television appearances for The white ribbon
– Devid Striesow So happy I was never

Best actress in a supporting role
– Maria-Victoria Dragus The white ribbon
– Hannah Herzsprung for Vision – From the life of Hildegard of Bingen
– Jördis Triebel for The Pope
– Nadja Uhl for men heart

Best male supporting role
– Rainer Bock The white ribbon
– Justus von Dohnányi for men heart
– Ulrich Noethen for Henry 4
– Settar Tanriögen for The Strangers

The Best Camera & Image design
– Christian Berger for The white ribbon
– Hagen Bodganski for Hilde
– Jana Marsik for lippel’s dream
– Reinhold vorschneider for The robber

Best Editing
– Andrew Bird for soul kitchen
– Andrea Mertens for The Strangers
– Andreas Radtke for The door
– Hansörg white break for storm
– Monika Willi for The white ribbon

Best Film Music
– Ali N. Askin for Salami Aleikum
– The Notwist for storm
– Fabian Römer for The door
– Ralf Wengenmayr for Wickie and the strong men

Best Sound Design
– Michael Kranz and Ben rose child for Wickie and the strong men
– Jörg Krieger, Richard Borowski, Kai Storck for The door
– Guillaume Sciama, Jean-Pierre Lacofrce for The white ribbon
– Roland Winke, Stefan Busch, Michael Kranz for Pope Joan

Best Screenplay
– Feo Adladag for The Strangers
– Michael Haneke for The white ribbon
– Wolfgang Kohl Haase for Whisky with vodka
– Bernd Lange and Hans-Christian Schmid for storm

Best Director
– Maren Ade for All other
– Feo Aladag
– Michael Haneke for The white ribbon
– Hans-Christian Schmid for storm

Best Scene Image
– Thomas friend contained for Hilde
– Christoph Kanter, for The white ribbon
– Bernd Lepel for The Pope
– Matthias Had for Wickie and the strong men

The Best Mask Image
– Wolfgang Böge, Heiko Schmidt for Hilde
– Georg Korpás for Wickie and the strong men
– Waldemar Pokromski and Anette Keiser for The white ribbon
– Gerhard Zeiss for Henri 4

Bests Costume Image
– Lucie Bates for Hilde
– Moidele Bickel for The white ribbon
– Esther Walz for The Pope
– Ursula Welter for Vision – From the life of Hildegard of Bingen

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