Gilmore Girls, Ex-producer of a lawsuit

Gilmore Girls, Ex-producer of a lawsuit All the information about

Gilmore Girls: Ex-producer in a suit .

>> All the information about the cult series “Gilmore Girls”

Gilmore Girls: Ex-producer in a suit .

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Gilmore Girls, Ex-producer of a lawsuit as, among other things

Gilmore Girls “the road” for Warner Bros., an expensive game? The Ex-producer Gavin Polone calls for $ 200,000 for the Reboot on Netflix.

This could be expensive: The Original producer of the US hit series “Gilmore Girls”, Gavin Polone, has surprisingly filed a lawsuit against the new edition. He calls from the production company, Warner Bros. nearly $ 200,000 of compensation, as, among other things, the magazine “Variety” reported.

Background: The Internet-streaming portal Netflix on the cult series again. Polone had a contractual guarantee that he’ll collect for each TV broadcasting royalties. Warner Bros. argues, however, that it was the Comeback for Netflix to television broadcasting in the classical sense and, therefore, the contract clause did not apply.

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Also, the Reboot was created in the original work of Polone over seven seasons, but not a direct offshoot of the original. Now a court in Los Angeles to decide on the case. The filming of the new episodes of “Gilmore Girls”, and the planned broadcast this year, should not encumber the dispute but or even delay.

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