Giorgio Armani’s luxury hotel opened

Giorgio Armani: luxury hotel opened in.

Giorgio Armani: luxury hotel opened in.

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Designer Giorgio Armani opened his first Hotel in the tallest building in the world.

Giorgio Armani is sold in addition to their fashion and also furniture, perfume, and chocolates, now, the Designer opened his first Hotel.

The Armani Hotel with 160 rooms, and eight Restaurants, is not just anywhere, but in the highest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai. The 800-metre-high skyscraper was only opened in January. Here are 140 luxury apartments, whose interior was designed to be setup by the master himself are still .

“I would like to convey my idea of hospitality. People should feel comfortable in the Hotel, as you would be with me at home,” said the 75-Year-old. He has to suspend the usual luxury hotels seem to Some: “I Often miss a certain amount of peace and comfort. And the device does not always correspond to the claim of the house.” This is supposed to be in his Hotel in a different way now .

Even if the opening of luxury hotels is not in this economic crisis time is not exactly ideal, want Armani to open more Hotels. His Hotel in Milan will host, from 2011, guests. Precious Hostels in Morocco, Egypt and the United States are expected to follow.

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