Gisele Bundchen-Million Dollar Blood Gang

Gisele Bundchen: Millions Of Serious Blood Gang.

Gisele Bundchen: Millions Of Serious Blood Gang.

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A walk Gisele Bundchen with her twin sister Patricia. Completely private, it can’t be, because the two are not only United by the common origin.

That Gisele Bundchen is a family man, puts you regularly in the small family, with Tom Brady evidence. But this is true also for the extended circle of Relatives. With her sisters, the Supermodel spends a lot of time. Very especially with Patricia. However, this has not only personal reasons.

The two sisters had been seen in the past few days together in Boston. From the outside it looked almost like a normal walk. But probably the two Brazilians were trying to grab only between a number of appointments and meetings a little air .

Now, he manifests himself to the career.

Because the two are not only connected family: Since 2007, Patricia is the Manager of her famous sister, and is intended to be largely responsible for your success. The 31-Year-old Gisele is the best paid Model in the world, the contracts with “Victoria’s Secret”, “Louis Vuitton”, “Christian Dior”, “Bulgarian” or “Dolce & Gabbana” thanks to not only her great looks, but also her five minutes later-born twin sister. This keeps mostly in the Background – but as a tough business woman.

And Patricia can live on the success of the Model-sister is also very good: Up to 20 percent of the Model from the Manager from the fees of their clients. Because the good genes of the sister also worthwhile for you.

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