Poison jellyfish on the malls First, the prohibition of Bathing for holiday guests

Poison jellyfish on Malle: First the prohibition of Bathing for holiday guests.

Poison jellyfish in front of malls!: Here is the first prohibition of Bathing for holiday guests.

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On Mallorca’s poisonous jellyfish have been found beaches – the city responds immediately to the discoveries.

On Majorca’s beaches, poisonous Portuguese galleys were found.

On Majorca’s beaches, poisonous Portuguese galleys were found.

June is the start of the holiday season – especially on the island of Mallorca. Every year, thousands travel to celebrate on the ball man, and to soak up the sun. However, this year everything is different: On the beach of Molinar is a poisonous jellyfish, a Portuguese man was found, .

Administration responds immediately.

The discovery of the dead animal are consequences added to. The city of Palma de Mallorca by prejudice and imposed a ban on swimming for the beaches of El Molinar, Can Pastilla. Because in the vicinity of these two places, countless people celebrate on the ball man.

Acaben de trobar a la platja del Molinar Palma copy morts de la medusa “Caravel·la Portuguesa” a la zona del momunent de la rosa dels vents. Molta precaucació i si en veis qualcuna de seguida avisau a l’112 @emergencies_ib @HisendaiAAPP_IB pic.twitter.com/HETUPGKClZ.

— Emergències 112 Illes Balears (@112IllesBalears) May 22, 2018.

Actually, the Portuguese man is not in the Mediterranean. Experts suggest that the animals have been washed away by strong currents in the Atlantic ocean, to the coast of Spain. The Jellyfish shimmers with a bluish and partly tentacles meters long. Their venom can kill smaller fish, people, usually, but not.

Not the first Fund.

Mallorca is not affected alone, just last week, were rinsed in the Spanish Alicante is also Portuguese galleys requested. As a result, the beach has been blocked for a length of more than 100 kilometers. When the affected beaches will be re-released remains to be seen. So, be careful when bathing!

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