This face provides the serum with anti-aging effect for radiant skin

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Regeneration : Unfortunately missed it: This Serum is liquid Gold for your skin!

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  • 21.04.2020

We do like to new Beauty Trends, but natural beauty is at the end of the dearest. A Serum that causes with the power of the olive tree wonders on your skin, we don’t want to deprive you! And Best of all, you get the face serum, now for only € 24.95 instead of EUR 49.95!

The most Important in the Overview:

  • Highly concentrated Face serum F06 Cell Active by Oliveda
  • Anti-Aging Weapon: Refines pores, reduces pigmentation, and smoothes the skin
  • Immediate Effect
  • Luxurious Bio-Wirkkosmetik
  • You will get the 30ml bottle the Serum for a short time with the Code "Oliveda deal" for only 24,95 € instead of 49,95 Euro!

With the Code "Oliveda deal" you get the Serum to 50 percent cheaper!

That Olive oil as liquid Gold is referred to, is not a pure coincidence. Since time immemorial, the substance is considered as Panacea – also in cosmetics. A part of the olive tree is particularly effective, is the elixir of the Cell from the olive leaf. This is precisely where acts the face serum of Oliveda. We provide you with the supposedly Golden product !

Currently you pay for the face serum, only half – Instead of 49,95 Euro you will get it here with the discount code "Oliveda deal" for only 24,95 Euro!

The Golden ingredient: This substance is different in the Serum of all other

The absolute specificity of this Serum: The Water content, the usual serums around 70 percent is, is here the elixir of the Cell from the olive leaf replaced. This ingredient, combined with valuable bioactive Oils, the Serum makes an almost liquid Gold. The Ingredients tighten, repair, and strengthen the skin. By doing this, you will be ideal Moisture supplied and well-nourished.

Here you get the Anti-Aging weapon with the Code "Oliveda deal" for only 24,95 € instead of 49,95 Euro!

Full Anti-Aging Power: This effect brings the Serum

In terms of Anti-Aging this Serum makes no other something: It refines the pores, reduces pigment spotsn and compensates for wrinkles with Immediate Effect from. The Serum with the extract of the olive leaf absorbs super quickly into your skin and reigns there as his office. You get directly a a radiant, fresh complexion, as well as a youthful Glow!

With the Code "Oliveda deal" you get the Serum for a short time 50 percent more affordable – click Here for the offer!

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